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Are you feeling a little crispy? I was too!

In this week's linked podcast, Jonathan Fields describes physically breaking down from doing the kind of hard work that can be rewarding at first but becomes detrimental to our overall well-being when it's not aligned with what feels like our true purpose.

I can relate! I broke down physically TWICE before realizing I was not on the right career path, and even then, it took me several more years to gather the courage to do something different.

Give this 7-minute interview a listen and see if you recognize any signs of burnout in yourself. Then, check out this article outlining several ideas on taking better care of YOU.

I do know that it can be overwhelming knowing where to begin. For me, it was sleep to start. I would love nothing more than to help you with this too! Please hop over to my bookings page, and let's discuss it!

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