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The Life You Want Is Within Reach

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Meet Dana

I like to say I walk people home from where I once was! I help people looking to break the burnout cycle and either continue to love what they do or find new directions. I love to dig into client challenges and solve them with action-oriented collaboration so that people can lead fulfilling lives. And I'm all about baby steps! We will create a plan for you aligned with tangible results that is realistic to achieve. 

As an executive, mother, fitness enthusiast, and world traveler, my experiences have taught me how to develop practical tools to get unstuck and on the rise. 


I love helping people escape the corporate burnout cycle, examine and redesign their career paths, maximize coping strategies, and lead healthier and fuller lives. 

I’d love to meet and talk to you about your goals!


Let's work together to...

Reset Your Goals

Establish Bite-Sized Habits

Adopt Healthy Coping Strategies

Recognize and Mobilize Using Feelings

Personalize a Plan

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