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About Dana

Certified Professional Coach

If you are feeling the effects of an unstable economy, career challenges, the pressures of everyday life, and family obligations, all while trying to stay healthy - you are not alone. I have been there and know that life doesn't always have the peace, clarity, and control we desire. I have been at the "rock bottom" of corporate burnout and have not known where to get more goal-oriented help than traditional therapy provides. This is where professional coaching comes in!

Now, all kinds of people are using coaches, including executives, homemakers, entrepreneurs, teens, and college students.  Anyone can use a coach to help analyze the current situation, assist in removing obstacles, maximize potential, and design a custom plan to reach your personal finish line. My passion stems from my own success in being coached through challenging career and personal circumstances and coming out better than ever!

Coaching can help you too if...

  • You know you need change but don't know where to start, and burnout keeps you stressed and swirling.

  • You're frustrated with the never-ending process of goal setting yet never seeming to reach your desired end state.

  • You have a habit of tackling too many things at a time.

  • You would love some mental tips and tricks to handle "in-the-moment" pressure.

  • You want a customized approach designed around your personality.

Let's do this. 

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