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Fueling Your Fire: Insights from Daniel Pink on Beating Lack of Motivation

Ever feel like you're running on fumes? I recently discovered the book Drive and want to let you all know that Daniel Pink might have some insights into why we get stuck in a lack of motivation rut sometimes. Here is a quick summary of the book, how it applies, and a link to a great little video on the premises inside (autonomy, mastery, and purpose)!

Picture this: you're stuck in a situation (personal or professional) where every move feels like it's already been scripted, with no room to make it your own. That lack of autonomy? It's like trying to keep a fire going with damp wood—frustrating and exhausting.

Then there's the whole mastery thing. You know, the feeling of getting better at something you care about? If your current set of circumstances doesn't offer much in the way of challenge or growth, it's like trying to light a fire with wet matches. No spark, no progress, just a whole lot of "meh."

And let's not forget purpose. You want to feel like what you're doing actually matters, right? Without that sense of connection to something bigger, it's like trying to keep a fire burning without any fuel. Your enthusiasm just fizzles out.

So, if you're feeling a lack of motivation, maybe it's time to take a page from Pink's book. Find ways to take control of what you do, seek out challenges that help you grow, and try to connect what you're doing to something meaningful. Who knows? Maybe with a little more autonomy, mastery, and purpose, you'll be able to reignite that passion! Hit me up if you want my help!

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