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Embracing Life's Puzzles with a problem-solvers Mindset

Recently, I was on the phone with Mom, complaining about a bunch of problems I was all up in my head about. I felt like a sheep trying to do math. Climbing the task mountain felt impossible. And then, she drops these two little questions into the dialogue: "Don't you like solving puzzles? Isn't that what you DO?" Classic.

That chat really got me thinking. A lot of us hit a big mental snag when life veers off our dream track, even just a little bit. We fantasize about a huge bank balance but look at it and... not so much. Or we're racing against the clock for an appointment, and our car picks that moment to cr@p out. In short, our wishes and reality are on different continents, and we get stuck.

Tackling problems? When I’m grounded, I think of it as a quest to link Point A (where I am) to Point B (where I want to be). I like to make it into a hunt for fix-it strategies. When I have a straightforward hiccup, like whipping up dinner when I’m starving? That's kid's play. But I can get a little wrapped around the axle about the head-scratchers with no easy answers. Think: stuffing my retirement piggy bank, dodging career oopsies, or steering relationships back on track after a conflict. These real noodle twisters can make me hit Mom on speed dial sometimes.

Here's the kicker: Problems are part of the package deal called life. Wishing them away is a no-go. In my experience, gearing up to be ace problem-solvers and finding a bit of thrill in the solution hunt is the way to go! There is a joy in getting to solutions!!! Here's a quick little breakdown for tackling troubles:

- First, nail down the crux of the issue and mine any source you can find for helpful nuggets.

- Next, draft a game plan.

- Dive into executing those solutions. Just do it!

- Lastly, hit the pause button and ponder: How can I up my game next time?

That’s it! Get out of your head and get going! I’ve linked an article I like from verywellmind below on the topic that goes into more detail. Hit me up on my bookings page if you want to explore more!

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