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Fear as sabotage...

Fear can be a gift, warning us of impending danger. But in most situations, we dwell on it too long and limit our potential. I recently moved across the country, and while it was scary at times, I did it anyway. I was fulfilling a long-held dream to quit Chicago winters and get a fresh start when my son went to college. My friends and clients were shaking their heads - how can you just up and move like that? Well, you do it. You face your fears and like I said, go forward anyway.

I didn't love every aspect of the move. In fact, I found most of it arduous and unrewarding until I reached the end. How did I get through it? Positive mindset using my certification from Positive Intelligence. The opposite of a fearful mindset is a wise mindset, a look toward turning any circumstance into a gift or opportunity. None of us get this right 100 percent of the time, and that's ok. The goal is to practice dwelling in negative emotions for nanoseconds and then flipping to your wise mind.

Here are some ways to make recovering from negative emotions like fear FASTER.

- Empathize. How can you show compassion for yourself or others?

- Explore. How can you lean into discovery?

- Innovate. What are the possibilities you haven't yet thought of?

- Navigate. How can you find meaning or purpose in a situation you are facing?

- Activate. Make things happen! As I said above. Do it anyway.

Fear holding YOU back? Book a call and let's talk!

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