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Holidays: Keeping Yourself OPEN

This year, we had our traditional Thanksgiving lunch at a restaurant, but it wasn't feeling quite right for some reason. I snapped out of it and enjoyed the fact that we were at a really cool spa and took a moment to get a unique family photo for the holiday album! I reflected this weekend that it's normal for us to get nostalgic about past celebrations. Sometimes, we look back with a big smile, and other times, not so much. But here’s the thing: getting stuck in those old memories can really cramp our style when it comes to enjoying the here and now. So, let's chat about how shaking off old views can totally level up our holiday vibe:

  1. Ditching the Old Holiday Playbook: We've all been there, either putting those old holidays on a pedestal or dreading a rerun of the not-so-great times. But hanging onto these attitudes can stop us from really diving into what's happening right now and seeing all the cool stuff this season has to offer.

  2. Say Yes to New Adventures: Letting go of what we think the holidays ‘should’ be like opens the door to some awesome new experiences. It's all about making new memories and maybe even starting some fresh traditions.

  3. Keeping it Positive: Being positive doesn't mean expecting everything to be fairy-tale perfect. It's more about being open to things turning out great and dealing with hiccups in a fresh way. This mindset is key for spotting those little moments of happiness and rolling with the punches when plans go sideways.

  4. Holiday How-tos for Staying in the Now:

  • Mindfulness: Be here, now. Really soak in the moment without letting old stories play in your head.

  • Flexibility: Be cool with trying new ways to celebrate and don’t sweat ditching stuff that doesn’t work anymore.

  • Gratitude: Focus on the good stuff happening right now instead of comparing it to the past.

To wrap it up, each holiday season is its own thing. By dropping the baggage of what we think the holidays should be, we can actually have a way more enjoyable time. Let’s make this holiday season about living in the moment, not in the past. Cheers to that! 🎉🎄✨

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