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How are you doing? Do you know?

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

I think many people go through life not thinking about how they are doing holistically. Indeed, many of us think we want more but are unsure what "more" means. What can we do?

To move into more deliberate action and architect your life, the first thing is to take inventory. What's going well that I could expand on, and what needs tweaking? No, you don't need several hundred dollars and a weekend in retreat (although that would be ok too!). Below, I've included a few thought-provoking questions that you can download and use to take stock!

Then, it's about getting into the driver's seat, starting your mornings with intention, and taking baby steps toward the life you can imagine and create. And if you need any assistance, I am happy to help.

Listen to this podcast for a little Monday motivation to get going!

Basic Needs Satisfaction on General Scale
Download DOCX • 66KB

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