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I like to make a bunch of big life changes all at once!

That's not true. I don't like to, but sometimes things seem to work out that way. Like now! I am getting my only child off to college, moving, and promoting my new business. There are empty nest feelings, excitement about our new chapter in a new state, and that nice buzzy feeling I get when I know I have helped someone improve their experience.

I admit that the process I'm undergoing has been a little inelegant at times. There have been a couple of moments where freaking out seemed the sensible thing to do. It wasn't. Those instances left me feeling depleted and frankly a little embarrassed at myself. Here is how I straightened up!

  1. Prioritize, then compartmentalize. For me, this means heading for the next significant milestone. Get things done one at a time toward that end and FORGET about the rest. I make a list of things as I think about them but don't take action until it's time.

  2. Say no. Simplify, simplify, simplify. Do you need to study for an interesting certification if it's not critical in times like these? No. Put that kind of thing on the back burner and make as much white space on your calendar as possible.

  3. Force yourself into self-care scenarios. With the white space you just created, go for a walk, go to the gym, read a book, take five in the hot tub, do laps with your dog - whatever brings you joy. Make yourself do it. Put a couple of non-negotiables on your schedule and stick to them. No excuses.

  4. Embrace what I call "universal redirection." When things go wrong, think of the new direction as something the universe had in store for you all along. There is a parable that one of my mentors likes to repeat when things seem to be going in the wrong direction. Check out its origin here:

  5. Laugh as much as you can. I like to say that if we aren't having fun, we are doing it wrong. Make jokes, laugh with the people around you, and you'll see just how much a change in attitude brings ease to what you are doing. Bring those high vibes to each situation and see how those around you are also uplifted.

Whatever it is? You got this!

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