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Riding the vibe wave today - are we soaring sky-high or diving deep? Or is the jury still out?

Got something that’s bugging you, but you can’t quite figure out what it is? Let me tell you about a tool that’s perfect for untangling those feelings—it's called an emotion wheel. It’s not a ride at the fair, but it might just take you on a journey to understanding yourself better. It's great for when life's a bit of a rollercoaster and you need to make sense of your ups and downs.

See, emotions can be slippery, and if we don’t deal with them, they tend to get stickier and messier. It’s way better to name what you’re feeling to really validate it and know what to do next.

So, when you're feeling off and can't put your finger on why, grab that emotion wheel. It'll guide you to identify the thing that's got you twisted—it could be an event, a situation, or someone’s actions—and help you label what you’re feeling until it makes sense.

Use it to tune into yourself. Really sink into what you're feeling and notice any physical reactions, like a tight chest, stomachache, or a headache. This could help you figure out if it’s a simple feeling or something more complex. Start with the basics and dig deeper until you find the exact word that describes your emotion.

The cool thing is there's no rulebook on how to use this wheel. The main thing is having the words to express your feelings beyond the usual "I'm fine" or "I'm not okay." This is super useful when you're feeling off-kilter and you're not sure why.

Getting in sync with your mind and body and paying attention to the vibes, both inside and out, can really help steady you. It can even keep you from acting on emotional impulse—like avoiding road rage, just as an easy example.

Want to know more? Check out the details below, and if you've got questions, hit me up on my bookings page!

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