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The Swan's New Gig: Trading Office Cubicles for Entrepreneurial Dreams

A friend sent me this photo a few minutes ago. Looking at it makes me smile—it's a swan, chillin’ at the door of a ballet school but also a metaphor for being bold and doing what calls you. It reminds me of a journey I got to coach someone through not too long ago. She was in the corporate grind, doing well but not feeling it, at all. She had this idea, much like our feathered friend here, to do something pretty out there—start her own skincare line with the goats' milk from her heard of pet goats!

Dreaming Beyond the Desk Job

She was used to the world of crisp suits and the hum of the office air-con, but deep down, she had this itch to do her own thing. When she first told me about it, it was like she was standing just outside the door of what could be. "Why not waltz into something new?" I said. And? She DID!

Mixing It Up

We worked on her move from the nine-to-five to her start-up life, thinking about it like mixing the perfect skincare formula. She wasn't about copying what was already out there; she was all in to create something that spoke 'her' language—something genuine, for skin that's lived a little, just like hers.

Finding Her Spotlight

Just like that swan, she was bold and found her groove in the world of entrepreneurship. At first, she was a bit "What am I doing?" but it didn't take long for her to garner the support of her husband and son as they saw the magic happen—a brand new brand and a whole new her.


This pic, a swan looking to get its dance on, is the perfect snap for the changes I help people make. It's about seeing the grace in new beginnings and the cool stuff that happens when you step through doors you never thought you'd even knock on. Coaching my client from her everyday job to her dream job was a blast, and it makes me love what I do - to help others leap, spread their wings, and show the world what they've got.

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