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We need a new word for "stress." Maybe "opportunity?"

It has seemed to me for quite some time now that everyone is always stressed! It's part of our culture. Since I moved back to the U.S. from Australia - where stressing out is not impressive, I've noticed that some wear it as a badge of honor - a point of competition to see who is the most stressed.

As a life coach with a life that twists and turns, as all lives do, I have been pretty stressed for the last few weeks. I have a son starting college in the fall, and making this happen seems like some made-for-movie test or battle for the heroine!

This week I want to share a wealth of resources I found a few years ago on the concept of stress that helps me manage challenging times and turn what I perceive as stress into a gift, an opportunity to learn, grow, and be more resilient. Here's to the opportunities that life throws us to be our most resilient selves!

Check out the resources on this site!

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