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What to do when life gets "lifey."

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

I feel strongly that lifey should be a word in the dictionary. It means life gets a little beyond what we think we can handle. Queue the stress response. And, sometimes, this stress response can be hard to control or get beyond.

Recently, I had a lifey experience and needed support stat. I am lucky that I rely heavily on social support and exercise to keep me balanced, and they usually do the trick. But I have been taking on a move, getting my only child off to college, and a surprising and unpleasant development on the financial side of things.

My nervous system was in overdrive, and I needed more than my standard toolset to tone it down a notch or two. One of the things I find helpful in those situations is to remind myself what is happening physically and try new things to restore peace.

This week I am sharing an excellent HBR article and an uplifting playlist that held me in good stead on both fronts. I'm pleased to have two new resources and hope they help you too!

As always, feel free to share this blog with anyone that might benefit.

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