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Where do you start if you're convinced it's never too late to make a significant change?

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS! Changing your mindset is sometimes the first step to creating lasting change in your life. Secondly, let's talk about the fact that you can reach your highest potential by focusing on what you already do best. It's as simple as not spending time working on what you are not - but building on what you already are.

I've always been a big fan of capitalizing on strengths not only in myself but in those around me as well. I notice I am more focused and engaged when playing to my strengths. You'll immediately see that you'll feel good focused this way too, because you're growing and developing, and you'll find higher levels of innovation and creativity. It's even a great way to engage with others. Notice what happens when you draw out the best in other people.

Once our focus shifts from our weaknesses and we learn to maximize our strengths - we can forge forward on whatever path we have chosen with great confidence. What if you want to stay in your current career? Great! What if you want to jump into something different? That's good too. With the tools below, you can discover ways to bring out your best self where you are or discover new directions. These resources can help you uncover what could be next for you.

Enjoy! And, if you want to talk about it - jump over to my bookings page!

1). In the 12-minute linked podcast, explore how to get awareness of your strengths to the forefront of your mind.

2). Then, check out the tool I have included below for download. Here you can explore WHERE best to expand and capitalize on your identified strengths.

Download DOCX • 597KB

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