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Where to start with Goals? Create a Vision

Creating a vision for your life might seem like some kind of exercise with magazines a glue stick and some posterboard, but it’s not: creating a meaningful vision of the life you want is actually one of the most effective strategies for achieving it. It's a lot like a compass to help guide you to take the right actions and make the right choices that help get you on the path toward your best life.

Why You Need a Vision

With a vision in mind, you are more likely to succeed far beyond what you could otherwise achieve without a clear vision. Think of crafting your life vision as mapping a path to your personal and professional dreams. The life you want IS within reach. The reality is that if you don’t develop your own vision, you allow other people and circumstances to direct your life.

Let's Create! What Do You Want?

The question sounds deceptively simple, but it’s often difficult to answer. You may think you don't have the time to consider something as fanciful as what you want out of life, but it’s important to remind yourself that a life of fulfillment does not usually happen by chance, but by design.

I will help you through thought-provoking questions to discover the possibilities of what you want out of life. We will consider every aspect of your life, personal and professional, tangible and intangible. Contemplate all the important areas, family and friends, career and success, health and quality of life, spiritual connection and personal growth, and don’t forget about fun and enjoyment.

Think. What Would Your Best Life Look Like?

Allow yourself to dream and imagine, and create a vivid picture. If you can’t visualize a picture, focus on how your best life would feel. Start with this year. What you see may surprise you. Set aside preconceived notions. This is your chance to dream and fantasize.

It’s important to focus on the result. Don’t think about the process for getting there yet—that’s where I come in.


Now that you have your vision in mind, it's time to develop a practical strategy for making your vision a reality. We will work together on a weekly basis to establish your vision, solidify plans to get there and an accountability schedule. Let's do it!

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