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Why the five-second rule is not need a high-five, too!

Last week, I talked about the five-second rule, but that’s not quite enough. Why? Because it doesn’t stop those of us with negative self-talk habits from beating ourselves up with it (or other ruminations). Today, we're diving into a straightforward yet transformative technique that can redefine your approach to personal and professional success: The High-Five Habit.

What is the High Five Habit?

The High Five Habit involves starting each day by giving yourself a high five in the mirror. Yes, it's that straightforward! But don't let its simplicity fool you. This action is a powerful tool for building a positive relationship with yourself, akin to the encouragement and support you'd offer a good friend.

Why Does it Work?

Positive Psychology: The act of a high five is universally associated with success and positivity. We start internalizing these feelings of accomplishment and self-worth by directing this action towards ourselves.

Neuroscience Backing: This method is supported by neuroscience. When you high-five yourself, you trigger a release of dopamine, the feel-good neurotransmitter, which naturally lifts your mood and increases motivation.

Mirror Neurons: Seeing yourself in the mirror while performing this positive gesture reinforces self-recognition and self-approval, creating a cycle of positive reinforcement. But you have to do it every day!

Incorporating the High Five Habit into Your Daily Routine

  • Stand in front of the mirror every morning.

  • State your intention for the day.

  • Say how you are going to show up.

  • Say who you are going to be.

  • Review what you are going to do today that matters.

  • High-five yourself and get to it!


The High Five Habit is more than just a morning routine; it's a pathway to cultivating a more positive, confident, and empowered self. It reminds us that acknowledgment and encouragement start with how we treat ourselves. It's not just a high five; it's a mindset. So, let's embrace this habit and watch as it transforms our approach to every challenge and opportunity.

Remember, success starts with the person in the mirror. High five to that! Hit me up if you want to explore more.

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